Klass Money

Some people have to be molded in order to be good and some people just are! Born Jefferson B. Scotland jr. (June 2nd, 1984) in the Caribbean Island of Dominica, probably explains the rich golden hue of his skin. The ferocity of his rhymes directly coincides with his lioness locks, giving new meaning to King of this jungle we now call the streets. Klass Money as he is respectfully known by his peers and fans, learned early that nothing in life is handed to you. Forging from the streets of Miami, often having to take the road less traveled. Klass learned early to move to the beat of his own drum. Determined not to be the stereotypical rap artist, Klass breathes the essence of his Caribbean roots into his rhymes, adding a sensual flare to his rap game…those seeking mercy had best look elsewhere. His urban rap pummels with words and beats. Klass Money calls it “harsh reality rap” because it is brutally frank and witheringly honest and all its sharp edges and blunt force comes directly from life itself. This isn’t fiction. And like reality, it takes no prisoners.

No Prisoners

But while none are safe from his hard-hitting hip-hop action, Klass Money also points out that his music could be considered “emotional/conscience rap.” Because while it is intense and uncompromising, it’s all for a cause. Reality only ever changes if harsh truths are confronted. And that’s exactly what Klass Money is doing. He might be drawing the shadows of life out into the light, but how else is change to be effected? His words might offend, but the truth hurts and sometimes offense is the only path to glory and betterment of self and the world.


There’s a world of imagery alive in every song created by Klass Money. For him, it’s an act of painting for aural consumption. He’s not just rhyming, he’s speaking truths and offering vivid pictures of the tough life that surrounds so many people. And he’s expressing with utter honesty his deepest emotions, pains and pleasures. “Music makes me feel like I”m expressing my deepest thoughts through every line, like I’m capturing a moment like I’m painting a picture,” he says.


Klass Money is painting a picture. It’s a portrait, the portrait of a life. This is biography through music. By offering his life to the public, by baring his soul and existence – the pretty and the ugly – Klass Money is also offering hope and the promise of a future. He is demanding that others do what he did and be proactive, taking life in a firm grip and controlling one’s own destiny. A hard world demands hard actions. “My music is basically harsh reality of the environment I grew up around and me voicing my feelings on certain issues, giving the world a picture of my life through words.”

The Artist at Work

After an impressive promotion campaign with countless online features and being featured in several magazines, RCMG rapper Klass Money still rides the wave of success! Gaining almost 100,000 views and thousands of downloads on his last mixtape entitled “My Word Is My Bond” which sat on DatPiff’s famous homepage for weeks puts Klass Money in a league of his own. The Florida rapper raised many eyebrows with his major buzz and Klass is confident that this is just the beginning. Recently signing to Redd City Music Group and teaming up with Miami Music mogul JC Fentz Louis, Klass is already cooking up some new heat with his new in house production team! Klass continues to raise the bar of his artistry and is excited to release more blazing music soon!